Current Team Members 

John Hultgren .png

John Hultgren is a political scientist who teaches courses in environmental politics, political theory, and the politics of immigration. He is the author of Border Walls Gone Green: Nature and Anti-immigrant Politics in America (University of Minnesota Press, 2015). The book explains and critiques the strange intersections that exist between the environmental movement and the immigration restriction movement. He is currently working on a book exploring the relationship between the environment and class in the United States. Hultgren co-directs Bennington’s involvement in the Consortium on Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education. 

Roua Atamaz Sibai.png

Roua Atamaz Sibai is a rising studying Urban Studies and Visual Arts at Bennington College. Her interests in forced migration and displacement are concentrated on refugee camps and site planning. She is also passionate about urban planning and understanding the interaction between people and buildings. She is trying to use the combination of her interests to find a shared discipline which will allow her to combine both areas of study: migration and urban planning. 

Sitashma Parajuli copy.png

Sitashma Parajuli is a senior studying Psychology, Anthropology, and Economics. She uses the combination of these disciplines to understand forced migration and displacement and what human life looks like in post-conflict zones. She is passionate about refugee rights, global mental health, sustainability, and regenerative economy. 

Soumya Rachel Shailendra.png

Soumya Rachel Shailendra is a student of literature and politics at Bennington College. Her academic interests include postcolonial literature of migration, poetry of resistance, translation studies and resistance literature. Born and raised in India, Soumya is interested in (re)defining migration across scales, planes, geographies, and languages. 


Valeria Sibrian is a senior at Bennington College who is studying Forced Migration and Painting. Their work is focused on the role historic memory has in archiving the migrant experience at the U.S/Mexico border. Their painting practices look into the ways memory and emotion can be represented through color and by creating an iconography of their childhood toys and animated characters. 

Previous Team Members 


Jailynne Estevez is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She just graduated from Bennington College, where she worked closely with the migrant/undocumented of Vermont and New York state through GANAS. She studied Public Policy and Literature. In her studies, she explored the way policies and laws can aid individuals and serve communities.

Ioanna Katsara.png

Ioanna Katsara just graduated from Bennington College, where she studied Social Psychology and Conflict Resolution with a focus on Forced Migration. She has worked with refugees on the Greek islands, and more recently on organized refugee resettlement in Idaho. Much of her academic work has focused on the rise of nationalism and restrictive immigration policies in Europe as a response to the current refugee crisis. Having completed her Bennington education, she wishes to continue working on refugee resettlement and integration projects in Europe. 

Doménica Montaño.png

Doménica Montaño-Moncayo just graduated from Bennington College. She studied literature and public action. She was a member of GANAS, a student-run organization that supports the Latino migrant community around Bennington. Her work focused on the intersection of migration, feminism, and politics.