Reading list 

  • Readings: 

    • Enrique’s Journey

    • Exit West

    • Unaccompanied

    • In Another Place Not Here

    • Signs Preceding the End of the World

    • The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail

    • Breath, Eyes, Memory 

    • Demos, T.J., 2013. The Migrant Image: The Art and Politics of Documentary During Global Crisis, Durham and London: Duke University Press

    • Cole, Cati, 2011. Everyday Ruptures: Children, Youth, and Migration in Global Perspective

    • Ko, Lisa, The Leavers.

    • Abdulrazzak, Hassan, 2017. And Here I Am (Oberon Modern Plays) 

  • Theater: 

    • Draw the Circle, by Mahuq Mushtaq Deen

    • Alma (f.k.a. #nowall) by Benjamin Benn

    • Sakina’s restaurant by Aasif Mandvi

    • Le Dernier Caravansérail (Odyssées) / The Last Caravan Stop by Shaghayegh Beheshti

    • We Swim, We Talk, We go to War (2018) by Mona Mansour

  • Film: 

    • A Little Bit of Freedom (2003)

    • I Learn America (2013) by Jean-Michel Dissard, Gitte Peng

    • The Harvest (2011) by U. Roberto Romano

    • Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam (2009) by Tammy Nguyen

    • Landscape in the Mist (1988) by Theodoros Angelopoulos

    • Maria Full of Grace (2004) by Joshua Marston

    • Which Way Home (2009) by Rebecca Cammisa

    • The Invisible City: Kakuma (2016) by Lieven Corthouts

    • Nowhere Home (2012) by Margreth Olin

    • The Planet of Arabs (2005) by Jackie Reem Salloum

    • In the Fade (2017) by Fatih Akin

    • Amreeka (2009) by Cherien Dabis